Sometimes Hardware is overlooked in the sales process of your door system. It is usually the last option to consider when purchasing your new entry door. With all the other options and features and specifications that the salesperson has just overwhelmed you with the details of the hardware might be left out. The should not be the case though, as hardware is a very important part of the overall look, operation, and most of all the security of your door system.


Schlage is a well know name in the hardware market. They manufacture quality hardware which makes their product a great fit with Mastertech Door Systems.

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Fecro Multi Point

Multi Point Lock Systems have become very popular in the past few years. The extra security they provide offers piece of mind, plus the make your door system more energy efficient. Mastertech offers the Fecro Multi Point Lock as a standard on Fiberglass Doors and an option on steel doors. The Fecro Multi Point is easy to operate with its automatic latch system. It works the same as any single lock system so there is none of the confusion that multi points usually are known for.

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